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College newspaper advertising continues to be one of the most effective methods to reach college students.  A recent survey found that 82% of the respondents regularly read their campus paper.  The study also found that students positively respond to college newspaper ads with nearly 80% reacting to an ad or editorial.  The college newspaper industry continues to grow as a media outlet in readership and in advertising dollars with more and more marketers recognizing the inherent value.  

Coupons and promotional codes generate the best response with a higher percentage of college women taking advantage of coupons and discounts.  Another option to consider is college newspaper inserts which can be a great college marketing medium to promote an upcoming event or online promotion.  

Campus Solutions provide our clients with opportunities to reach 11.5 million college students in over 2,000 college newspapers.  College newspaper advertising is a great media outlet to target the college student demographic and we encourage companies to take advantage of our college newspaper placement services- whether via college newspapers or college newspaper inserts.  For more information, please feel free to visit Campus Solutions Inc.’s website at or reach Bryan Carbone directly at  

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  1. Leigh Ann Kristiansen Says:

    This is absolutely true! I own a print media placement agency and have been in the newspaper industry since 1990. I specialize in classified advertising. Newspapers in general have been good outlets for many types of ads. It seemed like a logical choice in the past few years to add college newspapers onto our list of offerings. We are one of the few agencies that have taken this step to put together group buys of college papers. I must say the reception was outstanding. Our advertisers have done very well in the college markets. My only regret is not adding them in sooner.

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