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Execute a Student Ambassador Program With Campus Solutions

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Want to execute a Student Ambassador program?

Campus Solutions can help your company develop a large student ambassador program. Student ambassadors are great for helping spread their love for your brand with other students on campus. They can develop special events and fun demos for students and faculty on campus to showcase your product.

Let Campus Solutions help you.

We can provide your company with the resources to implement a program suited for your company. By investing in a yearlong campaign, we can assure you a nation of student ambassadors on major college campuses.

Campus Solutions interviews, selects and extensively trains student ambassadors.  Each student ambassador will participate in specifically designed programs to promote your brand to fellow students.  Promotions including campus postering and table top distributions to campus tabling and college street team events are scheduled throughout the school year.

Campus Solutions is in constant communication with student ambassadors throughout the year, receiving feedback and providing insight and recommendations. This information is shared with the clients.  This is also a great opportunity for students who want to gain new skills, learn how to relate to the students on their campus, and get hands-on experience with your product and the business world.

If Campus Solutions can assist your brand expand its reach on campuses nationwide, please visit us at

student ambassador program

Digital Media on Campus

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Back to school season is quickly approaching and many students will be getting situated for another year of studying and hard work. This gives marketers a perfect opportunity to reach the college student audience and make an effort to connect with them. As technology continues to rise and devices continue to evolve, many marketers are starting to reach this audience through digital media. This makes it much better and easier for the tech-savvy student.

Through digital media, students can interact with brands directly on college campuses via their mobile phones and tablets. Certain apps or programs can direct the user to content and campaigns relevant to college students, including campus-specific information and announcements as well as marketing campaigns. Students can be provided with valuable offers, content, and information based on their interests. This can allow advertisers to target the college student audience, making their campaigns more specific based on the preferences of the student.

Digital media is becoming more important for reaching the college student as this generation is more involved with technology. For more information, visit

Back to School 2013

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

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The 2013 back-to-school and back-to-college season will be a crucial period for retailers to expand upon overall industry gains year over year.  Lagging behind only the December holidays for second in consumer spending, 2012′s combined K-12 and college spending was estimated at $83.8 billion.

While NRF’s ’13 BTS and back-to-college spending surveys aren’t scheduled to be announced until July 16th, consumer optimism has improved in ’13 and many anticipate consumer spending, not only by parents of students but also college consumers, to meet or exceed ’12 back-to-school and back-to-college spending.

Campus Solutions Inc., the country’s largest college marketing agency, has the resources you need to contact college students and parents the weeks leading up to the first day of the new school year, from email and mailing marketing strategies to parents and students to on-campus media and non-traditional media.  for more information, please visit us at

College Sports Tailgating Events

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

College Sports fans are very loyal fans who get excited and enthusiastic when there is a big event. They are the perfect audience to target when looking to promote new or existing snacks and food items.

These fans can be targeted during college football tailgating events. Tailgating is a fun, energetic environment where fans are made up of students, friends, family, and alumni. This target audience is keen to trying new products, such as snacks, a cool beverage, or a new food item. Reaching this audience prior to the start of the game is ideal for promoting your product because people are eating, drinking, laughing and all around enjoying themselves.

Campus Solutions can help reach these enthusiastic fans during the college sports tailgating season. Many people attend a college sporting event each year, making it a great opportunity to get your brand noticed by a large group of consumers willing to try new food. If interested in further information check out our

Summer Opportunities: Reaching out to the College Student

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Summer is quickly approaching and beaches, as well as campuses, will be filled with college students. The college demographic is an important consumer group and there are many methods to reach them during the summer months. Its beneficial to reach brands on the beach during the summer because this is mostly where this demographic can be found. Marketing on the beach can be done in various ways. Street teams can distribute an assortment of promotional items, such as samples, towels, or branded umbrellas. Our street teams can also spray the young men and women with sun tan lotion, and introduce them to the brand.

Aside from beaches, college students can also be reached on off-campus apartments. Our teams can do branded pool parties that include DJs, plenty of food, tabling, and lots of swag to give out.

On average, 1/3 of college students stay on campus for summer sessions, keeping campuses busy during the summer months. This is the perfect time to reach out to college students. Brands can take advantage of reaching large groups of students in a clutter- free environment through college event marketing. Community colleges are also great in the summer because many students fulfill their summer requirements on a campus near their homes. These students can be reached through direct mail or even e-blasts.

Campus Solutions can help you reach these students before the college back-to-school season. For more information, please visit our website at

Back-To-School Initiatives

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

It won’t be long until it’s the first day of the semester again and many students will be moving in to their dorms. Campus Solutions provides opportunities for companies to reach out to the collegiate demographic on-campus the days leading up to the first day of class. We can provide you with many effective back-to-school dorm room strategies to reach out to students living on campus as they move in. Many of these students will be making many first time purchases such as dorm room furniture, clothing and electronics.

A back-to-school promotion may include a product or your company’s material that will be distributed the days leading up to the first day of class. This may include door hangers, or a promotional piece to ensure that students see your brand as they’re moving in. We encourage brands to contact Campus Solutions when considering a college marketing strategy as these “Welcome Back” promotions will guarantee success of your college initiative.

For more information, please visit Campus Solutions’s website at

Finals Week is Almost Here!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Finals week is quickly approaching and students will begin switching their focus from socializing to studying. More and more students will begin hanging out on campus lawns, coffee shops, and of course the library. This is the perfect opportunity for marketers to identify college students as their target demographic and work with them before the school semester is over. Brands and companies worldwide take advantage of finals week not only to help students stay focused and motivated, but to bring more awareness to their brand in the process.

This is a perfect season to initiate college marketing efforts and help students reduce their stress. The weeks leading up to finals are a crucial time for students to stay healthy. This can be done by providing product sampling, healthy study time snack breaks, or coffee to keep them awake and motivated. These are a few ideas in which your brand can retain brand loyalty and take advantage to reach out to your college demographic during finals week.

At Campus Solutions, Inc. we work with students who need that extra motivation to make it through Finals Week. Campus Solutions, Inc. specializes in campus event marketing initiatives and on-campus media in order to reach these students. For more information please visit our website at

It’s Halfway Through the Semester

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


It’s halfway through the semester and many students are following March Madness, studying for midterms, and getting ready for an exciting spring break. For many consumer brands, this March season is a perfect opportunity for brands to initiate their college marketing efforts by reaching out to this college demographic.

During March Madness, the NCAA Men’s Division basketball championship is what you will mostly catch a college student watching. Many students are looking for places other than their dorm to gather with their friends and watch their favorite teams. A Fan Zone would be the perfect place not only for these students, but for companies to host, advertise, and provide food and snacks for them as well. This will allow your brand to gain major brand awareness and give the students a great place to hang out and watch the game.

During midterm week, students’ priorities shift from social activities to studying around campus. Large groups of students tend to go all over campus, from the library to coffee shops to campus lawns, in order to study and read their lecture notes. This is a great opportunity for clients to reach this demographic by handing out snack samples in order to promote healthy study breaks.

Here at Campus Solutions we are staffed with people to help make your marketing campaign unique and effective this 2013 season. For more information, visit us at

Pizza Box Advertising Opportunity!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Pizza box advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your message or brand inside the homes, dorms, and offices of consumers nationwide. One of the many advantages of pizza box advertising is that there are no market restrictions. You can choose virtually any market so long as there are independent or small chain pizzerias in close proximity. From a global perspective, there are about 80,000 total pizzerias nationwide, including large chains such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, etc. Of that number, there are about 60,000 to 65,000 independent and small chain pizzerias. This makes it possible to reach out to many sought after demographics as they dine together with family and friends.

Utilizing Campus Solutions’ pizza media network, we own printing plants and distribution facilities across the country. We also deliver your pizza boxes, in our own fleet of trucks, to many pizzerias that are already our customers. We successfully execute all the elements of your campaign in order to reach out to as many consumers in the region. We are fully national and are able to customize coverage right down to the zip code or neighborhood for a better reach.

We are here to help you produce pizza box advertising campaigns for your brand. This is a great opportunity to bring your message indoors with outdoor advertising. For more information please visit our website

Spring Break is Right Around the Corner!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

The time of year where most college students get to relax, forget about school, and have fun is fast approaching. Spring Break is right around the corner and college students are getting ready to go on vacation to the hottest locations. This is the perfect opportunity to reach thousands of students from over 350 college campuses. This could be done by connecting with them on beaches, in hotels, in clubs, or at restaurants at the top domestic Spring Break destinations.

One location that has been an effective way to reach the college student is Panama City Beach. Panama City Beach in Florida is the number one college spring break hotspot. It has a high concentration of over 250,000 college students representing over 300 colleges and universities. Certain locations in Panama City, such as Spinnaker Beach Club and Boardwalk Beach Resort, provide unique daytime and night-time entertainment that are perfect for reaching the college student demographic. We can effectively reach this target audience by providing branded tents and street teams that would be located at the most heavily-trafficked areas of the beach. Other on-site opportunities include product sampling, hotel branding, in-room hotel promotion, and daytime and nighttime marketing.

Campus Solutions’ extensive network of college media offerings include a variety of unique and effective Spring Break tactics for your company this 2013 season. For more information, visit us at