off-campus marketing

NYC holiday season street team promotions

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Keeping with tradition this holiday season, the streets of NYC are crowded with shoppers purchasing gifts at retailers throughout the city.  December is an excellent time for brands to implement street team promotions and sampling within NYC and major markets across the country.  December is typically the second busiest time of the year behind the summer for brand-sponsored street team promotions.

Campus Solutions Out-Of-Home media opportunities offers brands the opportunity to reach these consumers through nontraditional media. We encourage brands and agencies eager to execute brand-sponsored street team promotions within NYC and the top 200 DMAs.  Campaign may include street teams, sampling, events, ambient media and guerrilla tactics including chalk stenciling and water stenciling.

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Reach college students leading up to the Back-To-School season

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

With the Back-To-School season quickly approaching, Campus Solutions is offering brands a variety of innovative media vehicles to reach college students as many back to school purchases are being made during the last weeks of summer and as students arrive on campus.  Brands may consider a multi tier strategy utilizing Campus Solutions’s OOH media engaging college students this summer at beaches, bars and off-campus hot spots while taking advantage of our company’s vast college media delivering your message to students on campus.

Campus Solutions focuses on alternative and non-traditional media strategies to reach students this summer to create maximum exposure for your campaign.  We encourage brands and agencies to contact Campus Solutions to generate the results and improve the position of the brand.

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Summer concert sponsorship- branded tabling events and street team

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

The summer offer excellent media opportunities for brands to engage college students outside of a college setting.  Companies which have identified the 18-24 year old demographic as an important consumer group to one or more of their brands should consider strategies to reach students over the summer.

Over the next several months, millions of young adults are expected to attend a summer concert series, many of which have already “SOLD OUT”.  To engage these crowds of concertgoers, Campus Solutions recommend an interactive approach to concert sponsorships by holding tabling events at each venue.  Your brand initiative will include a multi-venue concert promotion which includes your company’s street team and tabling event.

Whether or not a brand is currently engaged in college marketing, a summer concert sponsorship can be a great method to improve your brand’s image among college students.  For more information on college marketing opportunities both on or off campus, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at

College marketing efforts leading up to final exams

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

With May quickly approaching, many college students are beginning to focus their attention on final exams.  For a number of consumer brands which have identified the college demographic as an important consumer group for one or more of their brands, this season may offer the best timing to initiate their college marketing efforts.  During the last few weeks of classes, students’ priorities tend to shift focus from social activities to academia.  Groups of students crowd campus lawns, local coffee shops and campus libraries reviewing class notes and reading required class materials.

Campus Solutions offers college media and Out-of-home advertising opportunities for clients interested in reaching college students both on and off campus.  For confectionery and snack brands, the weeks leading up to final exams is ideal timing for product sampling initiatives and fitting messages recognizing students hard work and promoting a break from studying.  Brands may choose to promote a study break contest or offer students a product on-the-go.  Acting as your company’s liaisons, Campus Solutions’ staff extremely familiar with each campus will be acting as your company’s street teams and engaging students.  Other opportunities include campus postering and signage opportunities through our network of local coffee shops frequented by students.

Campus Solutions encourages companies interested college marketing and college media to visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at bryan.

Spring Break hotel media: Spring Break marketing

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

With the increased popularity among marketers to establish a presence on Spring Break, many advertisers are considering the benefits of hotel media.  No longer simply product sampling, Spring Break hotel marketing offer brands an outlet to deliver their message to college students while on Spring Break in a relative clutter-free environment.  As students are checking into their hotels, they may be greeted by brand models and directed to the marketers tabling events in the hotel lobbies.  Advertisers may also choose to implement customized branded elevator wraps, key card promotions or in-room promotions.

Campus Solutions, Inc., the college and Gen Y marketing specialists, offer our clients effective hotel advertising in both Panama City Beach and South Beach, Miami.  In this week’s issue of, Media Life Magazine, the article, “Your Client Chilling On Spring Break: How to reach college students staying at resort hotels”, references Campus Solutions’ sampling and hotel media network in Panama City Beach and South Beach.  A second article in MediaBuyerPlanner, “Spring Break Advertising Reaches 32% of College Students”, also published this week, highlights Campus Solutions’ hotel media opportunities and includes a photo of one of our client’s Spring Break promotions on South Beach.

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Campus Solutions’ tanning salon media network offers unique branding experience

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Indoor tanning salons’ popularity as a whole remains high while the industry has established itself as more than just a fading trend.  In a recent article, In many cities, tanning salons beat Starbucks, by Diane Mapes, the article compares the total number of indoor tanning facilities per capita to the number of McDonald’s and Starbucks establishments in many cities.

Campus Solutions, Inc., a non-traditional marketing company specializing in reaching young adults, offers our clients unique branding opportunities to reach tanning salon patrons.  Campus Solutions’ 2,000+ network of indoor tanning salons allows brands to reach primarily young adult consumers whom frequent tanning salons on a regular basis.  Product sampling opportunities are available in the waiting rooms, in the tanning beds, at the registers and within the bathrooms.  Product sampling within the tanning salons’ bathrooms are great opportunities for products within the personal hygiene, feminine hygiene and personal care product industries to allow this important demographic to experience your product.

Other opportunities includes promotional posters and flyers displayed throughout the facility and surveys and sweepstakes displays within the waiting rooms and at the front desk.  For more information on tanning salon media opportunities or other non-traditional media, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at bryan.

South Beach’s popularity as a Spring Break destination for students expected to increase in ’09

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

South Beach has generated a reputation among college students as an exciting Spring Break destination which combines beach, nightlife, shopping and beautiful people.  With the state of the current U.S. and global economy and the conflicts in Mexico, a higher percentage of college students surveyed say they are choosing to spend this year’s Spring Break in South Beach, Miami.  Students are taking advantage of the reduced airfare to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and reasonable lodging expenses in South Beach and Miami Beach.  Although the city of Miami does not disclose the number of college students visiting the city during Spring Break, preliminary indications suggest that South Beach’s popularity among Spring Breakers is on the rise.  Campus Solutions is offering brands and agencies a final opportunity to reach the college consumer while on Spring Break during March ’09.

Campus Solutions, Inc. offers a number of interactive marketing opportunities for companies to reach college students on Spring Break in South Beach.  Last Spring Break, our street teams distributed tens of thousands of product samples to college students on the beaches of South Beach during the day and provided bar media promotions at the most popular nightclubs in South Beach.  This year’s Spring Break, Campus Solutions will be teaming up with brands to provide free Internet to students, allowing students to get out of the sun, check their flights, their funds and their email.

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Spring Break Marketing- college media by Campus Solutions

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Campus Solutions, Inc. is encouraging brands to focus on their spring break event marketing initiatives for 2009.  Campus Solutions offers methods for brands to interact with spring breakers through hotel media, daytime beach events and nighttime club promotions.

Panama City Beach is the country’s top spring break destination with over 400,000 college students and estimates one of the largest turnouts this year.  Choose from spring break hotel sampling, branded beach events, stage sponsorships and nightclub promotions.

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Cuban-American college student marketing

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Celia Cruz.  Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez.  Café Cubano.  Each are a part of the fabric of Cuban culture.  Campus Solutions, Inc., the country’s premier college marketing company, is offering brands the opportunity to sponsor a catered Cuban buffet and Cuban-influenced college marketing tour targeting 2-year and 4-year South Florida campuses during Cuban Cultural Week.

The tour will begin at the University of Miami on March 9th, 2009 and will reach five Florida campuses from three major DMAs: Miami, Orlando and Tampa.  This is an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness among the Cuban-American and Hispanic college student demographic.  Following your company’s college tour, you may choose to reach students off campus during Spring Break throughout the month of March at Panama City Beach and South Beach.  Campus Solutions, Inc. and our network of partners provide the most efficient methods to reach students both on and off campus.

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Spring semester offers excellent marketing opportunities

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Especially during economic uncertainties, it is important to remember the value of the college consumer.  Recent surveys suggest that college students continue to spend their discretionary income this season on gifts and retail.  Whether your company is interested in targeting students on or off campus, Campus Solutions, Inc. provides a number of unique spring semester marketing initiatives for companies interested in marketing to college students.

One unique trend in higher education is the increase of midyear enrollment.  Although the fall semester continues to be the first semester for most students, many schools are receiving too many qualified applicants to accept each student.  And students are choosing midyear enrollment and delaying their education to be accepted to their first choice.  For a sampling endeavor, the spring semester allows for companies to experiment with a campus sampling program by targeting incoming freshmen during the spring semester.

This year, Panama City Beach, FL, South Padre Island and other U.S. destinations are expecting to receive additional spring breakers as more students plan on staying in the country this spring break.  Campus Solutions, Inc. provides ultimate branding opportunities for companies to reach hundreds of thousands of college students during spring break.

March Madness generates a great deal of excitement and rivalry on campuses throughout the country.  Campus Solutions, Inc. offers a number of unique marketing opportunities during March Madness reaching students on campuses with the most prominent college basketball programs.

College campuses become extremely busy in the spring as the temperatures warm.  Student lawns are saturated with students laying out, studying or participating in a physical activity.  A street team effort where our company’s experienced staff who are familiar with each campus will be acting as your brand’s street team and providing premiums and samples to students throughout the semester.

Finally, for those brands interested in reaching students and parents of students during graduation, we offer both traditional and non-traditional media opportunities that target both parents and students during the graduation ceremonies.  For more information on these or other college marketing opportunities, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at