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NYC holiday season street team promotions

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Keeping with tradition this holiday season, the streets of NYC are crowded with shoppers purchasing gifts at retailers throughout the city.  December is an excellent time for brands to implement street team promotions and sampling within NYC and major markets across the country.  December is typically the second busiest time of the year behind the summer for brand-sponsored street team promotions.

Campus Solutions Out-Of-Home media opportunities offers brands the opportunity to reach these consumers through nontraditional media. We encourage brands and agencies eager to execute brand-sponsored street team promotions within NYC and the top 200 DMAs.  Campaign may include street teams, sampling, events, ambient media and guerrilla tactics including chalk stenciling and water stenciling.

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Final exams free massage- experiential college marketing

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The stresses brought on by final exams can be overwhelming to college students and when surveyed, students consistently rate final exams as one of the biggest sources of stress.  Campus Solutions offer our clients with free mobile chair massages and relaxation stations to college students the days leading up to final exams.

Students will be invited to your company’s event and receive their free massage provided by professional massage therapists.  Free tea, water and beverages will be on hand for students as they sit and relax at your station after their therapeutic massage.  Product samples may also be given away at each event.  A brand-sponsored free massage during final exams is a great experiential college marketing campaign that will generate lasting brand awareness.

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Back To School branded college checklist and survival guide

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

One unique college marketing strategy Campus Solutions is offering brands this fall is a brand-sponsored Back To School college checklist and survival guide.  These branded promotional items will be given to college students as they arrive on campus in the fall.  Your company’s checklist and survival guide may segment the college demographic by targeting freshmen, men-only or women-only.  Your branded college checklist may include a list of dorm essentials, school supplies and a listing of your company’s products or services.

A survival guide would include useful tips for the average college freshman. These items will be given away to students the first two weeks of the fall semester.  Each Back To School college checklist and survival guide will be distributed by Campus Solutions’s college street teams acting on your company’s behalf.

A smattering of venues will be involved to reach this group of students including residence halls, student unions, fraternities and sororities.  For more information on Back To School branded college checklist and survival guides or additional Campus Solutions college offerings, please visit our website at

Go Green On Campus: Sorority Green Competition

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Campus Solutions, Inc. is offering brands the opportunity to go green on campus by sponsoring sorority green competitions.  Brand-sponsored go green competitions will promote energy conservation and teach sorority members effective ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sororities will be recognized for their participation in the competition and will receive energy conservation tips, CFL light bulbs as well as your brand’s product samples and marketing material.  Sorority banners will be displayed at the front of each house with your company’s logo and the green competition’s message.  The competition will be judged based on a number of criteria.  The winning sorority on each campus may receive green improvements for their sorority house or an upcoming brand-sponsored sorority event.

Campus Solutions provides our clients with a number of opportunities to go green on campus while promoting a brand’s greenness.  We are a premiere college marketing company specializing in targeting specific niches within the collegiate demographic.  For more information, please visit Campus Solutions’s website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at Bryan.