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Final exams free massage- experiential college marketing

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The stresses brought on by final exams can be overwhelming to college students and when surveyed, students consistently rate final exams as one of the biggest sources of stress.  Campus Solutions offer our clients with free mobile chair massages and relaxation stations to college students the days leading up to final exams.

Students will be invited to your company’s event and receive their free massage provided by professional massage therapists.  Free tea, water and beverages will be on hand for students as they sit and relax at your station after their therapeutic massage.  Product samples may also be given away at each event.  A brand-sponsored free massage during final exams is a great experiential college marketing campaign that will generate lasting brand awareness.

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College marketing efforts leading up to final exams

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

With May quickly approaching, many college students are beginning to focus their attention on final exams.  For a number of consumer brands which have identified the college demographic as an important consumer group for one or more of their brands, this season may offer the best timing to initiate their college marketing efforts.  During the last few weeks of classes, students’ priorities tend to shift focus from social activities to academia.  Groups of students crowd campus lawns, local coffee shops and campus libraries reviewing class notes and reading required class materials.

Campus Solutions offers college media and Out-of-home advertising opportunities for clients interested in reaching college students both on and off campus.  For confectionery and snack brands, the weeks leading up to final exams is ideal timing for product sampling initiatives and fitting messages recognizing students hard work and promoting a break from studying.  Brands may choose to promote a study break contest or offer students a product on-the-go.  Acting as your company’s liaisons, Campus Solutions’ staff extremely familiar with each campus will be acting as your company’s street teams and engaging students.  Other opportunities include campus postering and signage opportunities through our network of local coffee shops frequented by students.

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