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Hoboken Promotions: PATH Train sampling promotion

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Hoboken, NJ has become a thriving, bustling city, which has seen its popularity among young adults soar in recent years.  Residents of Hoboken depend on the PATH Train, the commuter rail line, as a reliable and inexpensive transportation method that operates lines in and out of New York City 24/7 via the World Trade Center and 33rd Street lines.  During rush hour, trains depart Hoboken’s downtown station every five to six minutes full of passengers.  “Hoboken has become a comfortable place for post-college age young people” said Hoboken’s mayor, David Roberts.

Campus Solutions, Inc., a college marketing company specializing in non-traditional media, provides sampling opportunities to reach these PATH commuters.  A Hoboken PATH train sampling promotion allows your product to reach consumers during their morning commute, Monday through Friday.  Campus Solutions’s street team members will be dressed in your company’s attire and sampling your product to each PATH rider.  Campus Solutions provides marketing opportunities to sample at the Hoboken, Journal Square, Jersey City and Newark PATH stations.

Hoboken has been voted Best City for Singles Over 30, a part of Money‘s Best Places To Live.  Hoboken is a college campus for young professionals” said Chris Corbin, Hoboken resident.  For more information, please feel free to visit our website at or reach Bryan Carbone directly at

Bill banning smoking on all NY campuses is a great marketing opportunity

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

A bill on New York Governor David Paterson’s desk is expected to pass banning smoking in all residence halls and campus buildings on each public and private NY college and university. This reconfirms New York’s stance on smoking as this is an extension to a previous law passed within the year for SUNY schools and some private campuses. 

As a college marketing company, we feel that this is a terrific opportunity for brands to develop a creative promotion on campuses throughout New York.  The statewide promotion would be an effective strategy since New York is spread out over such a large area.

What a great opportunity for campus administration to promote their support to reduce the 54,000 second-hand smoking deaths in this country per year.  College administration can gain insight on what Maria College in Albany began this past semester when they voluntarily banned smoking on its college. 

Some concepts Campus Solutions is suggesting and encouraging companies to take advantage of our extensive New York college and university network:

  • A mint or candy sampling promotion in replace of the cigarette   
  • Postering and on-campus media with a creative message about the law  
  • Nicorette or other stop smoking gums and patches sampling 
  • A college bar media campaign- branded messages on coasters, napkins and throughout the bar  
  • College newspaper ads throughout New York
  • Students are frustrated about the long walk to go off-campus to have their smoke- companies could promote at locations within walking distance to campus

Some concepts Campus Solutions might suggest to campus administration to promote the new law:

  • Ashtrays can be branded throughout campus with a positive message pertaining to this being a smoke-free campus
  • Signage with your new message both inside and outside of residence halls and previous smoking destinations
  • Promoting New York State’s unrivaled quit smoking programs
  • Transforming previous smoking hot spots on campus to garden and seating areas that promote the absence of second-hand smoke

For more information, please feel free to visit our website at or contact Bryan Carbone directly at