Over the past several years, South Beach has positioned itself as the trendy spring break destination among college students. For thousands of students from across the country, it is an opportunity to spend a week-long vacation with best friends and absorb everything this great city has to offer. South Beach’s appeal has as much to do with its beautiful beaches and incredible night life as the city’s well-deserved reputation for fashion and its international influences. In South Beach, nothing happens before 10 am, perfect for the lazy days of spring break! Spring Break South Beach posses all the elements that are essential to secure it as a top destination for students as they embark on their spring vacation and Campus Solutions, Inc. provides a number of opportunities for our clients to reach these students throughout spring break.

Companies interested in reaching students off campus have realized the impact of having a presence on South Beach during America’s most popular spring break weeks. Some of the companies include MTV, BET, Wise Snacks, Neutrogena, Victoria Secret and several popular sports beverage companies. Although South Beach may not receive the same numbers of students as Panama City Beach and South Padre Island, it allows a company to target fashion-oriented 18-24 year old students from across the country who influence trends on each of their campuses.

The image below represents a recent promotion we completed for our client Wise Foods during Spring Break ’08 on South Beach:

Campus Solutions, Inc., a leader in the college marketing industry, delivers the most memorable spring break initiatives and on-campus events for our Fortune 500 clients.  Campus Solutions, Inc. provides 24/7 advertising exposure on South Beach, Panama City Beach and South Padre Island through beach marketing initiatives during the day and bar promotions at night. Please feel free to visit our website at www.campussolutionsinc.com or contact Bryan Carbone directly at bryan@campussolutionsinc.com.

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