With this being the inaugural Blog post, a quick hello to everyone throughout the world interested in college marketing, youth marketing, college event marketing, spring break promotions, online marketing, beach advertising, college newspapers and college sampling. My name is Bryan Carbone (often mispelled as Brian Carbone, which is cool) founder of Campus Solutions, Inc., ( www.campussolutionsinc.com) one of the fastest growing college marketing companies in the country. The objective of this blog is to share effective methods that our company and others have developed and provide for brands and agencies interested in reaching not only college students but those within the 18-24 year old demographic.

Companies both large and small have realized the importance of reaching this consumer group. The college student demographic accounts for well over 200 billion in consumer spending and this statistic only appears to be growing as students are preparing for the 2008-2009 school season. Campus Solutions’s success is largely due in part to our experienced staff that is present at each campus event and the networks and relationships we have established with national organizations, colleges and universities and college student groups.

We encourage you to view our website at www.campussolutionsinc.com or feel free to reach me directly at bryan@campussolutionsinc.com – Again, hello to all those in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and everyone in the states and everyone else who has either realized the importance of reaching the college student demographic or those who are interested in pursuing and developing a college marketing campaign.

The objective of this blog is to share the most innovative programs that marketers are using to reach students either on or off campus. We encourage college marketing companies, brands, agencies and students to share recent campaign success stories. Whether the subject is praising a national viral marketing campaign or a student union freshers campaign in the UK, this blog will keep your finger on the pulse of college advertising and reaching college-age students. Finally, as an experienced college event marketing specialist, I encourage any brand or agency not familiar with the college marketing industry to contact an experienced college marketing company to ensure your college advertising campaign runs smoothly.

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