College event marketing is a form of non-traditional media that allows companies to promote their product or service on campus to students during the school year. When performed correctly, college event marketing is an excellent method to generate awareness and build brand loyalty amongst this highly-attractive consumer group. Companies are becoming more familiar with this media outlet when reaching the 18-24 year old demographic as college students have become skilled at tuning out television, radio and internet messages that barrage them on a daily basis. Reaching students through on-campus events can provide a brand with a youthful appeal, attract new consumers or generate a new found respect for a brand among college-age students.

To develop a multi-campus college event marketing program, a large majority of campaigns are performed by a handful of college event marketing companies that specialize in customizing college tours. With each college and university having its own guidelines and requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for a promotion to be held on campus, these skilled professionals are familiar with the campus and can be an asset to a company’s promotion.  Your branded events may include involve product sampling, experienced brand ambassadors interacting with the students, large-scale branding, sweepstakes and promotional giveaways. Additional components may include developing a viral campaign targeting specific groups of students on campus, college postering, college newspaper advertising and video contests. For more information, please feel free to contact Campus Solutions or contact Bryan Carbone directly at

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