Social networking and web 2.0 social sites have for good reason, become an essential component of a brand’s youth marketing strategy. Recently, a debate has erupted over which is the smarter option: a social network created by a brand and its marketing arm or taking advantage of Facebook and MySpace’s existing multi-million member network. In a recent post by Adam Ostrow of, “Is a Facebook Page a Complete Social Media Strategy,” the author explains Verizon’s recent move from Verizon Community to a Verizon Facebook page.

Users are reluctant to join a separate social network for even their favorite brands, cause or promotion. Another disadvantage to a brand’s network or a brand ambassador social network is that students are expected to sign up friends and other students as new members of the site, a huge turn off to students. Facebook members simply sign up via a News Feed and Invite.

Moving into the 2008-2009 school year, Campus Solutions, one of the country’s leading college marketing companies specializing in on-campus media, college event marketing and spring break promotions, will be helping brands spread their presence on the internet by developing Facebook campaigns targeting the college student demographic. Simply developing a Facebook Page or Event is not enough without having a built-in core group of students (specific niches within the college student demographic, targeted DMAs or campuses). Utilizing our network of college athletics, fraternities and sororities and student groups provides opportunities for brands to implement a successful Facebook campaign and brand ambassadorship program. For more information, please feel free to visit our website at or contact Bryan Carbone at

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