An effective college marketing strategy for any new product or service geared toward college women is to implement a sorority marketing campaign. Campus Solutions, Inc. is a pioneer in college sorority marketing, generating national viral marketing strategies, sampling campaigns and contests that actively involve sorority members and alumni on a regional and national scale. Reaching college sorority women allows your message to reach large groups of college women who are influential trend setters on campus. A sorority promotion allows a brand to target women with similar interests, who have discretionary spending and a group responsible for some of the most effective viral and philanthropic strategies each year among the 18-24 year old demographic.

Campus Solutions develops on-campus sorority promotions by implementing interactive brand awareness campaigns and online sweepstakes and contests. Our staff will involve active sorority houses by scheduling the events around the dinner hour, in the evening and during chapter meetings. Through our existing relationship with sorority elected members, Campus Solutions’s staff members are interacting with each sorority weeks in advance to ensure the support of the campaign and to ensure the promotion reaches the most sisters per house. For additional information regarding on-campus sorority promotions, please feel free to view Campus Solutions’s website at or contact Bryan Carbone at

In terms of a nationally supported sorority campaign, here are three of our favorites:

The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty (Self-Esteem is Worth Sharing)

Yoplait’s Breast Cancer Commitment “Save Lids to Save Lives

Merck’s HPV cervical cancer vaccine awareness campaign¬†

For more information please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at

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