A college street team promotion is a great way to get a product into the hands of college students utilizing hand-to-hand contact.  College street team members are typically dressed in the brand’s attire acting as the company’s college brand ambassadors.  These brand ambassadors are provided a script to follow by the company and are knowledgeable about the product or service.  Some college marketing firms and brands may have their staff attend a conference to discuss the finer points of the promotion.  College street teams are mobile from the time they arrive until the time they finish the event.  Members will be distributing product to students throughout campus and a college street team promotion may be male-specific, female-specific, target college athletes or mass marketed to students.

Customized branded vehicles may be used to add visibility the day of the event.  Campus Solutions also suggests promoting through some form of college media before the promotion arrives on campus.  Many college street team promotions that are performed by professional marketing teams utilize cargo vans to transport the product.  One advantage to a cargo van is that it holds at least two skids/pallets.  One disadvantage is its capacity to hold only two street team members per vehicle, requiring at least a second vehicle for additional staff.  Since each campus typically requires no less than a thousand samples, larger vehicles are needed to transport the product.  Warehousing the product and storage costs are an additional cost in any street team promotion but most marketing companies build these costs into the program.

Campus Solutions ensures that each campus promotion will be executed by experienced Campus Solutions’s staff members familiar with the campus as well as student staff.  Our clients are rest assured that a promotion’s success is not dependent on students’ success or lack of success during the event but by college marketing specialists.  In addition to any college street team event, Campus Solutions provides an experienced photographer on site, recording the highlights on each campus.

A street team approach to college marketing continues to be an effective way of getting a product into the hands of the college consumer.  For more information, please visit our website at www.campussolutionsinc.com or email info@campussolutionsinc.com


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