According to the National Retail Federation, back-to-college consumer spending accounted for over $47.3 billion in 2007.  Both parents and students are willing to spend on items that allow students to express themselves through college-related merchandise such as dorm room furniture, clothing and electronics.  College freshmen typically spend the most with $1,193.60 and those living in residence halls spend $1,529.45.

Campus Solutions is providing opportunities for companies to reach the collegiate demographic on-campus the days leading up to the first day of class.  A back-to-college tour will target major college campuses using a street team approach reaching students at residence halls, fraternities, sororities, student lawns and off-campus housing.  In addition, Campus Solutions, Inc. has partnered with national moving companies which may be utilized where professional movers can assist sororities and off-campus residents with their move.

Your mobile college promotional campaign will include your company’s college street team and promotional vehicle that will target the high-traffic locations both on and off campus.  A back-to-college promotion may include a product or your company’s material that will be distributed the days leading up to school.  Branded-vehicles may be used and staff members will be dressed in your company’s attire.  To allow for a certain amount of consistency, regional campaigns will be performed by the same street team members from one campus to the next.  Additional opportunities include “Welcome Back” promotions at fraternity and sorority houses.

The team members and vehicle will be mobile and will target student housing and campus hot spots for one day on each campus.  Student lawns are typically extremely popular with students enjoying the sun, playing sports or meeting in large groups.

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