Students who are fortunate enough to spend a semester abroad will often say that it was the most enriching experience of their lives.  Campus Solutions, Inc. provides sampling opportunities for brands to sample a product to college students the days leading up to their semester abroad.  This is a great opportunity to reach students as they are making a number of purchase decisions in preparation for the next several months.

According to a report by Open Doors, 582,984 U.S. college students studied abroad during the 2006-2007 school year.  The number of students that study overseas during the fall, spring and summer semester are spread out evenly, making this a great option throughout the year.

The following represents the Top 10 most popular study abroad destinations among U.S. students:

1. United Kingdom 2. Italy 3. Spain 4. France 5. Australia

6. Mexico 7. China 8. Germany 9. Costa Rica 10. Ireland

Campus Solutions, Inc. has developed a number of specific niches within the college student demographic and performs multi-campus college tours for our Fortune 500 clients.  For more information on additional college marketing opportunities we provide our clients interested in reaching the collegiate demographic, feel free to visit our website or reach Bryan Carbone directly at

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