The student union is typically one of the most active locations on campus.  Students pass by these areas on their way to class, in between classes and as they break for lunch.  On-campus restaurants, the college bookstore and student mailboxes are often found at the campus student union.  Campus Solutions provides a number of student union event marketing initiatives where brands can reach college students using an interactive approach.

From early morning and throughout the afternoon, a campus screening of your brand’s commercial or movie will take place in the student union.  Multiple screenings will be held throughout the day, allowing the most students to attend an upcoming screening.  The focus of the campaign may be placed on either audience feedback, awareness of the commercial/film or even to generate membership on site.  Our staff will be working as your brand ambassadors and implementing college screenings on campuses across the country.

Campus Solutions, Inc. provides a number of campus event marketing initiatives for our Fortune 500 clients each semester.  For more information on our college advertising opportunities, please visit our website or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at

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