How does a college consumer differentiate your product from your competitor?  Having your product on the shelves of hundreds of grocers and national chains local to campus is ideal but the trick becomes, how do you differentiate yourself amidst the myriad of other competing products within those chains?  And how do your potential clients experience your product to determine its inherent value?

Sampling continues to be one of the most effective methods to build brand loyalty among college students.  Geared around either the spring or fall semesters, Campus Solutions provides our clients with a number of unique sampling opportunities on campuses throughout the country.  Customized branded booths, branded tabled events and brand ambassadors may be incorporated or your company may choose to utilize a mobile college street team where your experienced college street team saturates campus.   Companies may choose to target schools with the largest number of undergraduates or reach those schools closest in proximity to specific vendors.

Our clients are provided with the most effective college marketing strategy specific to their brand.  For more information, please visit Campus Solutions or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at

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