Campus Solutions, Inc. encourages our clients to consider methods to reduce energy consumption and conserve our natural resources on each college and off-campus event.  One strategy to conserve energy is utilizing pedal energy.  Bicycle pedal power creates enough energy for an event by transferring human energy into power.  A bicycle will be attached to a generator and your event will be powered by students.  This is also a great way to encourage student interaction and prizes may be awarded to students who bike for over five minutes.

Go Green On Campus– Pedal For Power: Using alternative energy powering your brand’s event is another great opportunity to improve your brand’s green image and show off your brand’s greenness to college students.  Students will be keeping your event powered, generating sufficient energy to power video games, laptops, music and more.  Campus Solutions provides a number of college marketing strategies allowing companies to Go Green On Campus.  For more information, please visit Campus Solutions’s website or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at

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