In what is certain to be another close presidential election, the Democratic Party is hoping that a large turnout among young adults will solidify Barack Obama’s presidential nomination.  America’s youth has been particularly passionate for Barack Obama and the Party hopes that this election, young people will come out and vote in numbers.  With just over two months before the general election, a concentrated push to reach the 18-29 year old demographic is underway.

Campus Solutions, Inc., a premiere campus event marketing company specializing in reaching the college student demographic, is providing opportunities for both political parties to target the college vote.  The strategy is to cultivate relationship with key influencer networks and drive college students to the polls.

As students are making their way back to school, Campus Solutions’s experienced college street teams will be targeting colleges and universities in swing states with on-campus interactive promotions and off-campus events.  Text messaging campaigns, college newspaper advertising and campus posterings are also great methods to reach college students.

Co-sponsored events may also be available with a number of groups on both the left and right which have a strong presence on campuses.  Some of the groups on the left might include College Dems, United States Student Association, and Young Democrats of America.  On the right, the College Reps are extremely well organized on college campuses.

For more information, please visit Campus Solutions’s website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at Bryan.

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