California’s size, diversity and the sheer number of college students attending school within the state makes it an excellent choice for companies consider a statewide or national college marketing campaign.  California’s thinking, fashion and population is unlike any other within the country.  Most health, sports and exercise trends are either derived from or become popular in California first.  Promoting on-campus on California campuses is a great fit for rebranding, launch a new brand or to bolster public appeal among key influencers.  Campus Solutions, Inc. provide a number of campus sampling and college event marketing opportunities for brands interested in reaching college students both in California and throughout the the U.S. and Canada.

College students who attend a 2-year or 4-year school in California are typically more health-conscious and eco-friendly.   California schools lead the charge in campus recycling.  Campus Solutions provide our clients a number of methods for companies to go green on campus initiatives.  Brands can strengthen the identity of a brand and generate good appeal among this demographic by providing a go green promotional campaign.

Below is a sampling of our network of 4-year colleges and universities throughout California.

California State University campuses:

1. California State University- East Bay      6. California State University-Northridge

2. California State University- Fresno         7. California State University- Sacramento

3. California State University- Fullerton      8. California State University- San Bernardino

4. California State University-Long Beach   9. California State University-San Marcos

5. California State University-Los Angeles  10. California State University-Stanislaus

University of California campuses:

1. University of California- Berkeley           5. University of California- Riverside

2. University of California- Davis               6. University of California- San Diego

3. University of California- Irvine              7. University of California- Santa Barbara

4. University of California- Los Angeles     8. University of California- Santa Cruz

Additional Campuses:

1.San Francisco State University

2. San Diego State University

3. San Jose State University

4. University of San Francisco

5. University of Southern California

For more information on this or any other college marketing opportunity, please visit Campus Solutions’s website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at Bryan.

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