The years that a student spends at college are extremely important in the development of their identity.  Fashion and beauty are means of expression to young women but ironically fashion and beauty advice are rarely given.  Women must learn what styles flatter their body shape and what makeup and colors look best for their skin chemistry.

Campus Solutions, Inc., one of the most recognized college marketing companies in the industry, specializes in on-campus marketing and targeting the fraternity and sorority demographic.  During the 2008-2009 school year, we are offering an evening of fashion, beauty and skin care for sorority women on college campuses throughout the country.

A campus tour targeting major colleges and universities will provide sorority houses with fashion advice and private beauty sessions for sorority members.  Sorority houses on each campus will compete to win the evening of fashion and beauty.  The winning sorority will be judged on several criteria and the competition will include a number of contests which will generate more excitement and overall awareness on campus.

Campus Solutions’s female staff members will be acting as your company’s brand ambassadors and brands’ newest collection of clothing, makeup and beauty items will be on display.  The objective of the campaign will focus on highlighting the sponsors of the events while preparing women for the business world.

For more information, please visit Campus Solutions’s website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at Bryan.

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