Campus Solutions, Inc. has introduced a series of go green on campus initiatives that fuse college advertising with environmental responsibility.  Each go green campaign is designed to generate a positive brand image among college students while providing a brand with great exposure on each campus involved.

Go Green On Campus- Branded Reusable Grocery Bags: When a shopper is given the choice of having their groceries bagged with either paper or plastic, they are faced with two options, both of which negatively effect the environment.  The toll to the environment from our country’s use of paper bags 14 million trees.  It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce enough plastic bags for our country for a year.

Campus Solutions, Inc. is providing college students with reusable grocery bags at no cost to the student.  Each bag will be branded with our clients’ logos and message to go green.  Students in residence halls, fraternities, sororities and off-campus apartments will receive their reusable bag which can hold the equivalent to three plastic or paper bags.  The bags will also contain product samples and tips on what students can do to go green.  Campus Solutions’s street teams will also be stationed at local grocery stores providing each college-age student with their reusable grocery bag.

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