Campus Solutions, Inc. offers a number of product sampling and literature placement opportunities that reach a captive audience in a clutter-free environment.  Connecting brands with their targeted audience, our turn-key programs enable brands to reach targeted demographics in major U.S. cities.

For a product sampling campaign geared to reach active men, our networks are designed to focus on venues where men frequent the most.  Some of our most popular networks targeting active men include:

  • Health Clubs
  • Sports Centers
  • Barber Shops, Hair and Nail Salons

We will focus on high-volume fitness centers and barber shops in your specified markets.  The goal here is to capture young males with staggered frequency.  Men, on average, trim their hair once every three weeks.  However, they work out at their gym three or four times per week.  The emphasis will be placed on involving several locations per market.

For more information on the sampling programs we offer, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at

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