For both parents and students alike, Parents Weekend is a date marked on everyone’s calendar.  Parents Weekend is often the first time a parent returns to school after moving their student in at the beginning of the school year.  During the weekend, parents asses their child’s living situation and make purchases in retail stores in the area.  Shopping malls are busy as parents spend money in retail stores buying students warmer clothing for the cooler season.  Other common purchases include products for the home, whether its refilling exhausted supplies buying groceries or making home improvements.  Purchases which may have been overlooked at the beginning of the school year have been added to a “To Do List”.

Parents Weekend is a great college marketing and parent marketing opportunity that allows a brand to reach both demographics as a number of purchase decisions are being made.  Campus Solutions Inc., a premiere college marketing company specializing in campus event marketing and nontraditional advertising, is providing our clients with effective strategies to reach college students and their parents during Parents Weekend and throughout the school year.

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