The sport of outdoor volleyball has seen it’s popularity in the United States soar in recent years.  On college campuses, it is common to see teams of college men, women and coeds participating in a game of volleyball being played at one of the active fraternity houses or throughout campus.  Volleyball is the country’s 2nd most popular participation sport behind soccer.  At a college or university, groups of college students will attend a volleyball match to support their friends, fraternity brothers or sisters.

Campus Solutions, Inc. specializes in college marketing and provides our clients with opportunities to reach the college student demographic.  For brands and agencies interested in targeting athletic-minded students and the Greek community, Campus Solutions provides fraternity and sorority branded volleyball opportunities as well as several other college athletic promotions.  For a branded college volleyball initiative, we will utilize our established network of fraternities & sororities, which is the most extensive in the industry and provide each house with a branded volleyball net and your company’s branded volleyballs.  We encourage companies to contact us to implement a campaign specific to their brand.

For information on fraternity and sorority promotions, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at

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