Campus Solutions, Inc. has developed a reputation for providing brands with effective fraternity and sorority marketing opportunities.  In addition, our company has founded a series of go green college marketing strategies that generate brand awareness among college students while promoting a brand’s green image.

Go Green On Campus – Reusable grocery bags:  A Campus Solutions’ branded reusable bag promotion allows brands to target fraternity and sorority members while encouraging students to go green.  Your brand’s image and message will be prominently displayed on both sides of the grocery bag.  The appropriate number of bags will be given to each fraternity and sorority house and will be distributed by our company’s network of Greek officers during an upcoming chapter meeting.

College students will be toting around your brand’s reusable grocery bag throughout the school year, generating countless impressions.  In addition to any reusable grocery bag promotion, product samples may be inserted in each bag and given away to fraternity and sorority members.  In addition to sampling to fraternities and sororities, your company’s reusable grocery bags may be distributed to various college groups.

For more information on going green on campus or fraternity and sorority promotions, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at

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