Especially during economic uncertainties, it is important to remember the value of the college consumer.  Recent surveys suggest that college students continue to spend their discretionary income this season on gifts and retail.  Whether your company is interested in targeting students on or off campus, Campus Solutions, Inc. provides a number of unique spring semester marketing initiatives for companies interested in marketing to college students.

One unique trend in higher education is the increase of midyear enrollment.  Although the fall semester continues to be the first semester for most students, many schools are receiving too many qualified applicants to accept each student.  And students are choosing midyear enrollment and delaying their education to be accepted to their first choice.  For a sampling endeavor, the spring semester allows for companies to experiment with a campus sampling program by targeting incoming freshmen during the spring semester.

This year, Panama City Beach, FL, South Padre Island and other U.S. destinations are expecting to receive additional spring breakers as more students plan on staying in the country this spring break.  Campus Solutions, Inc. provides ultimate branding opportunities for companies to reach hundreds of thousands of college students during spring break.

March Madness generates a great deal of excitement and rivalry on campuses throughout the country.  Campus Solutions, Inc. offers a number of unique marketing opportunities during March Madness reaching students on campuses with the most prominent college basketball programs.

College campuses become extremely busy in the spring as the temperatures warm.  Student lawns are saturated with students laying out, studying or participating in a physical activity.  A street team effort where our company’s experienced staff who are familiar with each campus will be acting as your brand’s street team and providing premiums and samples to students throughout the semester.

Finally, for those brands interested in reaching students and parents of students during graduation, we offer both traditional and non-traditional media opportunities that target both parents and students during the graduation ceremonies.  For more information on these or other college marketing opportunities, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at

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