On campuses throughout the country, membership in school-sponsored extracurricular activities is up with more and more students choosing to become involved in a club or organization.  Student organizations provide excellent opportunities for like-minded students to develop relationships, explore interests or get involved in the school or community.  With 70% of their waking hours outside of the classroom, a growing percentage of students are choosing to involve themselves in school-sponsored clubs and organizations.

Campus Solutions, Inc. offers methods for advertisers to integrate their message to college students.  We offer effective methods to segment college students based on their affiliation with specific student groups and activities. Promotional strategies may include product giveaways, awareness initiatives, brand ambassador programs, Facebook ads, etc.

For information on this or any other college marketing opportunity, please visit our website at www.campussolutionsinc.com or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at bryan@campussolutionsinc.com.

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