Today’s college consumer is more cognizant of the impact they have on their environment.  College students have shown through their purchase decisions that they support greener brands.

Go Green On Campus – Fraternity and sorority house green guide:  Fraternity and sorority houses are typically well-behind campus building as far as making green improvements.  For many houses on campus with an active Greek community with Greek housing, energy saving home improvements are often nonexistent.  Campus Solutions, Inc. offers brands the opportunity to implement a customized green marketing strategy which targets fraternities and sororities throughout the country.  Utilizing Campus Solutions’ extensive network of fraternities and sororities, your brand may choose to provide students with a guide to going green and making green improvements to the house.

In addition, your company’s products will also be hand-delivered to each active fraternity and sorority member.  This is a great opportunity to generate brand awareness and improve your brand’s green image among college students.

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