South Beach has generated a reputation among college students as an exciting Spring Break destination which combines beach, nightlife, shopping and beautiful people.  With the state of the current U.S. and global economy and the conflicts in Mexico, a higher percentage of college students surveyed say they are choosing to spend this year’s Spring Break in South Beach, Miami.  Students are taking advantage of the reduced airfare to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and reasonable lodging expenses in South Beach and Miami Beach.  Although the city of Miami does not disclose the number of college students visiting the city during Spring Break, preliminary indications suggest that South Beach’s popularity among Spring Breakers is on the rise.  Campus Solutions is offering brands and agencies a final opportunity to reach the college consumer while on Spring Break during March ’09.

Campus Solutions, Inc. offers a number of interactive marketing opportunities for companies to reach college students on Spring Break in South Beach.  Last Spring Break, our street teams distributed tens of thousands of product samples to college students on the beaches of South Beach during the day and provided bar media promotions at the most popular nightclubs in South Beach.  This year’s Spring Break, Campus Solutions will be teaming up with brands to provide free Internet to students, allowing students to get out of the sun, check their flights, their funds and their email.

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