Indoor tanning salons’ popularity as a whole remains high while the industry has established itself as more than just a fading trend.  In a recent article, In many cities, tanning salons beat Starbucks, by Diane Mapes, the article compares the total number of indoor tanning facilities per capita to the number of McDonald’s and Starbucks establishments in many cities.

Campus Solutions, Inc., a non-traditional marketing company specializing in reaching young adults, offers our clients unique branding opportunities to reach tanning salon patrons.  Campus Solutions’ 2,000+ network of indoor tanning salons allows brands to reach primarily young adult consumers whom frequent tanning salons on a regular basis.  Product sampling opportunities are available in the waiting rooms, in the tanning beds, at the registers and within the bathrooms.  Product sampling within the tanning salons’ bathrooms are great opportunities for products within the personal hygiene, feminine hygiene and personal care product industries to allow this important demographic to experience your product.

Other opportunities includes promotional posters and flyers displayed throughout the facility and surveys and sweepstakes displays within the waiting rooms and at the front desk.  For more information on tanning salon media opportunities or other non-traditional media, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at bryan.

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