Campus Solutions, Inc., offer effective methods for brands to build a positive brand image and improve a brand’s identity among the collegiate demographic by promoting earth-friendly living on campus.  Brands with consistent green practices have been rewarded by college consumers through their purchase decisions.  Campus Solutions’ Greek college media targets this influential segment, providing them with the tools to live a greener lifestyle.

Go Green On Campus: Fraternity and Sorority Branded Recycle Bins- Campus Solutions and our clients are providing fraternities and sororities with useful tips and techniques enabling students to reduce their carbon footprint.  In an effort to promote recycling among fraternities and sororities, companies may implement a regional or national branded recycling bin campaign distributed to fraternities and sororities on nearly every college or university with an active Greek system.  Our company has established the largest network of fraternities and sororities and for this initiative, your company’s image or logo will be branded on recycling bins will be distributed to Greek houses and used by its members.

Acting as your company’s liaison, our staff will coordinate your company’s efforts on each campus.  By teaming up with the presidents and officers of each fraternity and sorority, we will negotiate your brand’s promotion and distribute these recycling bins and any promotional material to members during an upcoming chapter meeting.

For more information on green college marketing strategies, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at bryan.

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