After a year of steady layoffs, many professionals are choosing to fine tune their college applications rather than their resumes.  Many qualified applicants discouraged by the lack of positions available are leaving the workforce and returning to school and pursuing a postgraduate education.  The number of mature adults applying for continuing education programs have surged during the current school year and most colleges and universities are predicting an even higher number of applicants with 10+ years of experience in the workforce applying this fall.

Campus Solutions, Inc., a college marketing company is recognized for reaching specific niches within the collegiate demographic, offer a variety of methods for companies to reach mature adults on campus.  Campus Solutions’ on-campus media and direct mailing opportunities allow companies to target these students throughout the school year.  For companies interested in recruiting these students who have left the workforce and our on the cusp of graduation, Campus Solutions’ college recruiting services reach the most qualified individuals nationwide.

For more information on college and postgraduate marketing and recruiting efforts reaching mature adults, please visit our website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone at bryan.

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