Campus postering can be a very useful tool available to advertisers to help promote a product, service or promotion to college students.  Campus postering is a part of Campus Solutions’s vast college media network which offer advertisers the opportunity to generate exposure and get a message across to students on campus.

Campus Solutions, Inc. offer our clients the ability to place their message directly into the lives of students through postering and signage throughout campus.  Our company’s extensive network provide brands the opportunity to implement either a regional or national campaign reaching students on nearly each college and university through the United States and Canada.

Campus Solutions has established a reputation for developing the most memorable posters and bulletins each semester for brands, rich in design and creativity.  A typical campus postering initiative may include multiple runs.   For our clients, Campus Solutions’s experienced college professionals familiar with each campus will distribute your company’s posters and signage on a regular basis.

Campus flyering or sampling is a great addition to any campus postering event to help integrate a brand’s message within the college community.  For more information on Campus Solutions’s college and OOH media, please visit our website  at

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