A study released this month by Arizona Republic tested 84 reusable grocery bags for contamination and discovered that more than half were contaminated with bacteria that could cause serious illness.  The findings suggests that by unknowingly placing raw meat in reusable bags, consumers may be taking serious health risks if they are not consistently washing the cloth bags with detergent and water.  At Campus Solutions, we see this as an opportunity for marketers to implement a branded detergent distribution within grocery stores and health nutrition stores.

Campus Solutions is the country’s premier college marketing and OOH media company offering brands non-traditional media opportunities to reach niche consumer groups.  Your company may reward shoppers for being eco-friendly and bagging their groceries with reusable grocery bags by providing each customer with your company’s branded detergent.  Through Campus Solutions’ network of national grocery store chains and natural food health stores, your promotional materials may be distributed by your company’s branded green team or distributed by the cashiers at venues within your top markets.

For more information on Campus Solutions’ college marketing and out-of-home media, please visit our website at www.campussolutionsinc.com.

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