Marketing Company Enters New Academic Year Having Enjoyed Its Best Performance

New York – Campus Solutions, Inc., one of the fastest-growing college marketing companies in the country, released today performance results from the academic year, and plans to greatly expand its services to brand marketers throughout the business community. The company, based in New York, NY., is one of a handful of businesses that specifically market products to the college audience, a multi-billion dollar sector of the US economy that is one of the hardest to reach demographics in the country.

“We’ve developed a real niche in introducing new products and brands to universities and colleges across the country, increasing exposure and sampling by the hundreds of thousands,” said Bryan Carbone, President, Campus Solutions Inc. “The college student is notoriously hard to reach – they are weary of being sold, pitched or targeted, but they represent one of the most lucrative audiences for marketers because they’ve yet to develop brand loyalty and are just beginning their lives away from home. Campus Solutions has developed a sure fire way to reach this audience by introducing our products in person, planting the seeds of loyalty early on with a personal connection.”

Since its founding in 2003, Campus Solutions has targeted this audience, launching college campus drives for products ranging from Champion athletic socks to SoapNet, which hired the company to promote the premieres of “The O.C.” and “One Tree Hill” on the cable network. In each case, Campus Solutions was able to bring products and exposure to dozens of college campuses around the country.

“Campus Solutions has the ability to target not just college students in general but they can pinpoint college athletes specifically, which was necessary for [our] program to succeed,” said Brenna B. Husel, who oversees marketing and promotions for the socks division of Hanesbrands Inc. “Our samples were given to students just as they entered the student athletic centers enabling them to wear our socks that same day during their workouts. Reaching active students on the intramural fields was a fresh venue for us and the sample recipients were delighted that we were involving them on that local level.”

More than 17 million students – the largest enrollment ever – will attend U.S. college and universities this year, according to an industry forecast by Veronis Suhler Stevenson. The prized demographic is estimated to have spent more than $21.5 billion on food and beverage; $21 billion on electronics and cell phones; $10.5 billion on entertainment; $6.5 billion on footwear and apparel; and $6 billion on health and beauty. Additionally, 93 percent of this audience has credit cards, and 97 percent of them make their purchases off campus. Additionally, this year’s student body is said to be the most wired ever, spending an average of 11 hours a day engaged with media, whether it be cell phones, laptops, Blackberrys or i-Pods.

Campus Solutions is currently working on several major campaigns with Fortune 500 companies to introduce new products to the 2007-2008 college audience, and will announce several new partnerships in the coming months.


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