Going to college in the United States now is a lot more interesting then it was 15 to 20 years ago. We are now seeing many different cultures on campus, enriching the learning experience with such vast diversity. There are numerous amounts of data on the benefits of diversity in higher education. It is also interesting to know that many large corporations embrace diversity into their hiring practices, allowing them to increase in their creativity and productivity.


Here at Campus Solutions we are well aware of the benefits of diversity and that is why we came up with a list of 10 schools with the most international students in the US.


School                                                       International Students        % of Total Enrollment


1)   University of Southern California               7,000              22%

2)   New York University                                      6,000              13%

3)   Columbia University                                      6,000              26%

4)   University of Illinois                                      6,000              16%

5)   Purdue University                                           6,000              15%

6)   University of Michigan                                 6,000              14%

7)   University of California                                6,000              15%

8)   University of Texas                                       5,000              11%

9)   Harvard University                                        5,000              23%

10)  Boston University                                         5,000              16%



We are working hard in finding new ways to target and penetrate these students. We want to introduce them to new valuable products and services that help them integrate with their peer group. Whether it be by sharing a beverage/snack, or sharing similar taste in apparel, or simply by asking each other for advise on consumer goods.


Looking to reach the international student body? Contact us at Campus Solutions and find out how we can help you reach them.

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