You might remember your college campus filled with smoke, people grabbing a cigarette before, during and after class. Can you imagine not having to dart those smoke puffs every 5 feet? Not worrying about stepping on a partially lit cigarette that the person in front of you just dropped? According to U.S. News, in the beginning of 2012 over 600 colleges and universities announced they would be smoke-free. This leaves many nicotine addicts in the dust, with no place to go to smoke a cigarette, especially those that live in the dorms. This only leaves one option: quit!

For the majority of students that do not smoke (approximately 70%,) a smoke free campus would be a big plus. Secondhand smoke will become a thing of the past on these college campuses.

Americans for Nonsmokers Rights is doing a great job promoting smoke free campuses across the country and we hope this phenomenon will continue to grow.

For those students trying to quit, what a great incentive! For brands, there is so much potential for creative college media campaigns.


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