“Summer breeze makes me feel fine…”

Summertime means relaxation, fun times, and no class for college students. Money is being made, and with little bills to pay, it is a perfect time to attend a concert. There is a ton of access and capabilities to target college students at a concert through various ways. Whether it is offering a free drink with a purchased meal or $5 off a band t-shirt, students will interact for the few minutes it takes to receive the coupon.

With several summer tours in 2012 such as: The Bamboozle Festival, Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, college students will be present.

Students aged 18-24 is a marketers dream and concerts are the perfect place to find a dense population of this target demographic.  Students are in a relaxed and fun environment, which makes it easier to convey.

This can be an easy incentive for students. Interact with a brand for a few minutes and receive a few dollars worth of freebies.  For brands, there is a ton of potential at a summer concert to reach your target market.

Is there a summer tour we missed that you plan on attending?


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