There is something to be said when millions of Americans tune in to watch a college basketball game. Either watching it live on the bleachers or at home with friends surrounding a 52-inch TV or by hitting up the local bars or restaurants. Basketball has a strong affect on people, and there is more then one explanation why. Some watch it for entertainment, while others get a rush from the competitive nature of the Sport. Some view it as a way for the community to come together and interact with other members of the community, becoming a point of interest that unites people.

Campus Solutions understand the frenzy of March Madness and wants to work with you, to find ways to tap into this phenomenon. Last year, networks such as CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV broadcasted the games. CBS alone drew in 9.6 million viewers. Campus Solutions wants to focus our attention on the masses of people that actually attend the games. By Setting up street teams, table events, and bar parties we are able to make contact with actual game goers. Reaching out to a large number of potential customers.


Here is a list of the top 25 college teams to look out for:

Kentucky                               Wichita State                       Indiana

Syracuse                                Florida State                        Wisconsin

Kansas                                    San Diego State                  Georgetown

North Carolina                   Creighton                              Murray State

Missouri                                UNLV                                       Baylor

Duke                                         Temple                                   Michigan

Ohio State                              Florida                                   Iowa State

Michigan State                    Notre Dame

Marquette                             Gonzaga


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