Going green has become a trend that many college students are becoming more and more aware of, especially in fraternities and sororities. This past February, 29 Greek houses participated in the “do it in the dark” contest.  It’s a newly created energy sustainability contest that will hopefully grow within in the next few years and cut across many of the US college campus. In its first year, they have estimated that roughly 6,000 students in the Greek organizations are participating. According to Ian Champ, who is one of the co-founders of the contest, “the Greeks love competition” and “everyone seems excited about the contest”.

There are three prizes that will be awarded at the end of the following month. The 3 housed with the highest kilowatt-hour reduction compared with their February 2011 bills will when the “Green Gorilla” prize, which is a $750 donation to any charitable organization.  When it comes to the smaller houses they will base the winner off the percentage of reduction in kilowatt-hour.

Campus Solution sees this as a great opportunity for businesses to jump in on the action and help inform students on how to conserve energy. It’s a great way for companies to utilize our extensive “Greek organization network” to help these houses conserve energy, while being informed of your products. We can have street teams that go directly to the houses and offer your products with energy saving tips. We can also have company branded t-shirts with quotes like “ I can shower quicker then you can” or “Turn me on by turning (picture of a switch) me off”. Our brand ambassadors can also hand out flyers and inform students face to face, while providing information on your company and brands.

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