Students have made it half way through the semester. They have crunched in everything they could for midterms and are finally getting ready to enjoy their much needed Spring Break. Finals are quickly approaching and many college students are focusing on these exams, plus final presentations.  For many consumer brands, the season may offer a perfect opportunity to initiate their college marketing efforts.  During the final weeks of school, student’s priorities tend to shift gear from social activities over to academia. Large crowds of students will flock all over campuses including, coffee shops, the library, and campus lawns, reviewing lecture notes and reading material.

That is why at Campus Solutions we believe that it’s a great opportunity for clients to start their marketing efforts towards the college demographic. Using snack brands as an example, the weeks leading to final exams is ideal timing for product sampling initiatives and fitting messages recognizing students’ efforts and promoting healthy study breaks. Brands may choose to promote a study break contest or offer students products on the go. Here at Campus Solution we are staffed with people familiar with each campus and acting as your company’s liaison. We could use street teams to engage the students, and other opportunities include campus postering and signage opportunities through our network of local coffee shops frequented by students.

For more information, please visit us at Campus Solutions. Lets talk and create a unique college marketing plan just for you!

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