Back to school is around the corner. Incoming and returning students will be shopping a ton and spending a massive amount of money on purchasing items for their dorm room, apparel and school supplies. This is the perfect opportunity to create a relationship with students prior to their return to campus and in the beginning of the semester.

This summer many stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, and Staples will have specials for college students. With the mass amounts of students shopping at these big box stores, a party with a DJ, free food or special discounts at the store would be a wonderful way to get your brand recognized.

In addition to summer, the beginning of school is equally as advantageous to marketers. Move in day is the perfect chance to implement marketing strategies such as door hangers, mini-fridge magnets and coupons. These are all simple and can be dropped in each dorm. The first week of school is a great opportunity to have a welcome event in the student union, campus ambassadors around campus with freebies and additional move in crews.

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