College sports fans total 172 million, of which 29 million earn $100,000 or more annually. Both figures are said to be the highest of any sports fan base. College sports fans are more likely to be college graduates (alumni) and business professionals. Reaching sports crazed, football fans prior to the big games at tailgating events is a wonderful opportunity.

Tailgating is a fun, energetic environment. Fans included but are not limited to students, friends, family and alumni, are keen to try new products. Excitement levels are high and enthusiasm for whatever comes there way prior to the big event is elevated.

It is said that tailgaters spend on average $500 on food and beverage each Football season. Reaching this audience prior to the start of the game is ideal. Whether it is a new food product, an awesome snack or cool beverage, this is the perfect group to enforce gorilla-marketing tactics. People are eating, drinking, laughing and all around enjoying themselves.

Whether it is an awesome chip or a cool game perfect for a parking lot anywhere, we can help you. Over 100 million people attended a college sporting event last year, and we can help you reach a large percentage of this number throughout the college football season.

In order to participate in some of the biggest matchups throughout this college season, it is critical to start planning for your campaign as early as possible. Feel free to visit our website at for more information.

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