An essential part of any education are the materials and books used in classes. Today there are approximately  19.7 million students enrolled in college in the United States who are required to buy books.  According to several sources the average college student is required to purchase $700 to $1000 worth of books each year. Costs have become so inflated that many students simply avoid buying certain exorbitant books. With the ever increasing heavy costs related to college books students have sought various measures of decreasing costs. The emergence of the used , the electronic  , and the rental book markets have diminished students’ book costs. Students with inadequate information essentially have no choice but to purchase their books from overpriced college bookstores instead of the cheaper options are available. The college student demographic is a substantial one, and the college book market has great room for improvement with regards to the availability of information to the average college student.

A marketing effort should be executed either during orientation week or move in week prior to the first fall semester of school and right after winter break prior to the Spring Semester. Door hangers and posters around the school can be used to attract the attention of students who are looking to cut costs on their books. An average college student will jump at the idea of saving or potentially making more money on his or her books then previously deemed possible.

At Campus Solutions inc. we work with students who believe that alternate methods for obtaining books has not even begun to reach the surface of its potential impact due to a lack of proper marketing. This is where we can help you. In order to reach students prior to the fall semester of 2012 it is urgent to begin planning your marketing strategy this summer. For more information please visit our website at

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