There’s always creativity surrounding social media. With the advent of Pinterest, the growing behavior of  Twitter and the continuing mass appeal of Facebook, College students are ever more connected. “Repining” and creating their virtual scrapbooks have become clear means of communicating and directing relationship marketing. It drives the consumer closer to a more conversational sphere and into a more radial context.

An article from offers this scenario:

“Multnomah University offers students a list of cheap places around campus to eat for under five dollars, considering their students are on a budget and are always looking for a great deal. Other colleges use Pinterest as a resource for their students as a way to look at available internships and job openings. Looking for something to do tonight? Franklin College posts campus activities that are going on and offers great suggestions of cool places to visit around campus. According to the Journal of American College Health, students spend on average one hundred minutes a day on the Internet, many of those minutes exploring new websites such as Pinterest making this an ideal opportunity for colleges to reach out to their students. Considering a student’s fast paced lifestyle, they no longer have time to stop and read a bulletin board or pick up the school newspaper, so why not put that information where it can reach them, on sites such as Pinterest.”

It is apparent that Marketers and Brand Managers alike can maximize the reach of efforts such as these with the proper timing and focus on behavioral attributes of the college student’s fields of interest and points of engagement with products and services. Executed well, the milestones of any campaign whether traditional or non-traditional will have more adhesion and eventually aid in Marketing scalability.

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