College Students

We’re getting close to that time of the semester again that all college students dread, Finals Week! This is the week when students on campuses nationwide become fatigued, have late night cram sessions, and fill up crowded library tables with books and notes.

Brands and companies worldwide take advantage of Finals Week in order to help students stay focused and motivated. This season offers many consumer brands a perfect opportunity to initiate their college marketing efforts while also helping students reduce their stress during this time. It would be a great idea for brands to take advantage of this time and reach out to their college demographic by providing product sampling, healthy study time snacks, or coffee to keep them motivated.

As busy as libraries are during finals week, many students seek alternative study spots such as coffee shops, and campus lawns. A great example of this is Starbucks, which offers students free wifi and a laid back environment and The University of Tennessee, which has a cafe that offers students unlimited snacks and drinks with a payment, and most importantly, quiet time. Baruch College in NYC offers complimentary midnight and morning coffee and breakfast to students who are pulling all-nighters at the campus library and has also created a quiet relaxation area on campus with couches and a fake fireplace.

At Campus Solutions, Inc. we work with students who need that extra motivation to make it through Finals Week. This is where we can help you. Campus Solutions, Inc. specializes in campus event marketing initiatives and on-campus media in order to reach these students. For more information please visit our website at

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