Its no surprise that March Madness and the Final Four are a major time for colleges, fans, and especially marketers. According to IMG College, a division of IMG Worlwide, more than 173 million people consider themselves to be fans of college sports, with nearly 80 million of them being female fans. Some other key factors to be aware of are that more than 29 million fans of college sports earn $100,000 or more annually, are 35% more likely to own a small business, and finally, spend more than $4.6 billion on college-related merchandise. These are amazing numbers for any marketer not only because college sports are big, but because they are big businesses!

Companies spend millions on advertising during March Madness, coming in second to the NFL postseason and the Super Bowl. This is important because March Madness and the Final Four are considered to be the “Super Bowl” of college sports. Not only do these sports reach out to casual sports fans, but they also reach out to those who aren’t fans of college sports at all. There is a strong loyalty for college sports among fans and consumers which contributes to a major advantage for companies who want to market to this strong college fan base.

College basketball season began last weekend and had many fans tuning in. Its a great opportunity for marketers to target this very loyal and passionate college fan base, whether its through advertising their product or hosting fan zones for these fans to get together and watch the game.

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