The Spring semester is right around the corner! While students are enjoying their holiday break and preparing for the new semester that lies ahead, marketers should be doing the same. The Spring semester brings many unique opportunities, not only for the students, but for the companies who want to reach out to this niche college student demographic.

While most of the country associates the Fall semester with incoming freshmen, a significant percentage of students either transfer or begin their school year during the Spring semester. Whether transfer students or new students, both groups are new to campus and the area, making for a great audience to target. Both freshmen and transfer students are more likely to engage with activities happening on campus, making this a perfect opportunity to create relationships at the start of the semester. Targeting to incoming freshmen can be done by implementing various marketing strategies such as large branded events in the student union, brands’ college street teams and providing freebies and coupons.

Not to mention marketers are less likely to be on campus in the Spring, which is a huge advantage for brands because it means they will have higher exposure at this time.

Aside from incoming freshmen, there are other excellent opportunities that lie ahead for the spring semester. One of them being Spring Break, which is a college student’s favorite! By targeting students off campus at popular Spring Break locations and on beaches, hotels and clubs, marketers are able to reach out to thousands of students from universities and colleges throughout the country.

Last but not least, as freshmen are settling in, seniors are getting ready to graduate.  This is a terrific opportunity to reach both graduating students and their parents during their final weeks in college. There are many marketing strategies that can be implemented to interact with the crowd of students and parents during graduation week such as product sampling, street teams, demonstrations or tabled events on campus. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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