The time of year where most college students get to relax, forget about school, and have fun is fast approaching. Spring Break is right around the corner and college students are getting ready to go on vacation to the hottest locations. This is the perfect opportunity to reach thousands of students from over 350 college campuses. This could be done by connecting with them on beaches, in hotels, in clubs, or at restaurants at the top domestic Spring Break destinations.

One location that has been an effective way to reach the college student is Panama City Beach. Panama City Beach in Florida is the number one college spring break hotspot. It has a high concentration of over 250,000 college students representing over 300 colleges and universities. Certain locations in Panama City, such as Spinnaker Beach Club and Boardwalk Beach Resort, provide unique daytime and night-time entertainment that are perfect for reaching the college student demographic. We can effectively reach this target audience by providing branded tents and street teams that would be located at the most heavily-trafficked areas of the beach. Other on-site opportunities include product sampling, hotel branding, in-room hotel promotion, and daytime and nighttime marketing.

Campus Solutions’ extensive network of college media offerings include a variety of unique and effective Spring Break tactics for your company this 2013 season. For more information, visit us at

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