It’s halfway through the semester and many students are following March Madness, studying for midterms, and getting ready for an exciting spring break. For many consumer brands, this March season is a perfect opportunity for brands to initiate their college marketing efforts by reaching out to this college demographic.

During March Madness, the NCAA Men’s Division basketball championship is what you will mostly catch a college student watching. Many students are looking for places other than their dorm to gather with their friends and watch their favorite teams. A Fan Zone would be the perfect place not only for these students, but for companies to host, advertise, and provide food and snacks for them as well. This will allow your brand to gain major brand awareness and give the students a great place to hang out and watch the game.

During midterm week, students’ priorities shift from social activities to studying around campus. Large groups of students tend to go all over campus, from the library to coffee shops to campus lawns, in order to study and read their lecture notes. This is a great opportunity for clients to reach this demographic by handing out snack samples in order to promote healthy study breaks.

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